Friday, June 14, 2013

Scheurich as the sun!

Well this feels almost have been gone so long, not a word .
I have managed to answer the emails you have sent. thank you for your patience!!!! I have the same problem every year when spring hits the garden, everything thing else just gets abandoned! This year it was confounded by the laying of a new lawn and a severe head-cold backed up by ever-changing's last year all over again.

I haven't been completely negligent of my posts and yarn. I managed a comprehensive sorting of all the pots imy need for space is driving me off the deep-end I am planning a bit of a sell out on all the objects labeled " I need this like a hole in the head just now".  Of course I have acquired some new things , well....
You know how it is you go into a second-hand shop ...because you are a thrifty sort of a  lass....and you don't leave a bargain behind you-do you? I have found some Elsterwerda last, which i will show soon.
The yarn recycling has been moving slowly on account of extreme unwillingness to lift a finger on return from the garden!!! but there has happened one or two things  ( will get back to this next week)

But just to get a re-start.....

A very vibrant Scheurich for sure! the 200 form is one of those very collectable vases if you are a
 glaze collector. 

the colour mixing is good on this simple bi-coloured glaze....

...a fiery melt down.

 It is just to wait for the sun to reappear, meanwhile its time to get some of my domestic challenges for the day off my schedule , including removing the remains of the Irises from the flower-beds  that were battered by yesterdays tumultuous rain.